Period Perfect Panties…yes I just wrote that

It’s that time of the month and I’m just wearing underwear. No tampon, no pad..nothing! I was skeptical at first, but these period panties actually do work perfect.

12-thinx-ad.w529.h352.2xBy now, you’ve probably heard about Thinx. Why? Because first off, their product is life changing and more and more women are spreading the word. Second, they’ve installed ads in the New York subway stations and trains that have sparked a lot of media attention. I for one, think the ads are brilliant. Naysayers be like…using images of grapefruit and eggs to represent a woman’s girly parts is gross and some even say degrading to women. Supporters be like… and selling anything from cars to beer using scantily clad even naked woman, and using sexual innuendo isn’t gross or degrading? I think we can all call bullshit on this one folks. Half the population has had a period most of their lives, so we should all be ok talking about it openly by now…right?!!

So anyway. Like I said these panties are life changing..seriously. Now the feminine hygiene industry has come a long way since the pads (aka mini diapers) I wore as a teenager. There are thin pads, tampons, and insertable cups available. But I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the amount of waste they each produce, and they each have thier downsides. Pads slip out of place at night, can be uncomfortable, and produce the most waste. Tampons can also be uncomfortable and can leave you with yeast infections or toxic shock syndrome if left in too long. The cup can also slip out or leak, not to mention how awkward it can be to put in.

But these THINX panties are comfortable, look and feel just like your others, and some can hold up to as much as two tampons! Thinking thick granny panties are you. No way, these are sexy and stylish too. In fact, they look so much like all your other undies that nobody would even know their purpose.

thinx-adI read an article about the company online last spring right after I started my period again. My first period (20 months postpartum) was horrific and I bled for three months straight. Thank god for these undies! I just wish I’d had them after leaving the hospital…you know what I mean ladies! It would have saved me (and my husband) a lot of trips to the drugstore. In fact I just threw out my postpartum pads (ahem…diapers) that were still lying around. Memories!!

Anyway, these panties really do work. I’ve worn them all day long  (in light beige pants even) with no incidents. I can wear them overnight also with no issues. It’s amazing! They have different styles for light days (even a thong), heavy days, and for exercise.

Only downside is washing them. You have to rinse them first to get some of the blood out. Yes, you will have to see and touch some blood…but get over it. Shouldn’t be an issue for all my mommy readers. Luckily you can machine wash them, but remember NOT to put them in the dryer. I ruined a couple pairs this way. They still work, but it removes the antimicrobial properties, making them kind of smelly. Then just hang them to dry. They do take awhile to dry, so plan accordingly if you only have a few pairs to go between.

It may seem silly to be so excited over a pair of panties. But if you’ve had a period for as long as I have…..oh wait most of you have…you’ll love these too.

Now THINX, can you bring the breast pump out of the dark ages next?





  1. If they only hold what a couple tampons would, do you have to change to a different pair multiple times during the day?


    1. Yes. Generealky 2-3 pairs depending on flow and activity.


  2. As a guy who wears panties/pads I don’t know how to feel about them both coming together!


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